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Product: Wealthy Affiliate

Rankin: 9/10

Price: $0- upgrade in seven days, $19, monthly recurring $49.00

Owners: Kyle and Carson

website: WWW.WealthyAffiliate.com


Wealthy Affiliate is a virtual university incorporating a lively engaged community, of entrepreneurs, whose main reason for being there is to create a successful online business.

It was founded in 2005 by its owners,Kyle and Carson, who have grown it dramatically!  Both Kyle and Carson are successful Internet Marketers, who have been heavily involved in the Industry since High School.

Having one or the other of them at the end of an email, is without a doubt, a very useful bonus!

It was designed to actually help other people build a business, whilst avoiding the pitfalls,  and that is still it`s primary goal.




  • PROS:
  • You get 2 free websites, with hosting, free, on siterubix,com platform
  • Training is free
  • Interaction within the community is free
  • Owners are easily contactable via PM
  • Ideas for a “niche” are explored
  • Live Chat
  • Push Button website creation
  • Regular Training Videos
  • Classrooms, where any question you might have, receives an answer, usually instantly

  • A “quick start” boot camp training programme

  • A helpful, lively community
  • Comprehensive video library
  • A fair affiliate compensation plan
  • Incentives to do well


  • Replies from the owners because of the time difference, can be 12 hours.
  • Site Layout a bit confusing and “busy” at first glance


Wealthy Affiliate is a platform from which you can build and launch your own online business  with hints and tips from both of the owners, and the community.  The training modules are comprehensive, and “task” you into performing certain actions within the community, developing the habits you need to have a vibrant business, online, instead of a business sitting in the corner covered in cobwebs! (metaphorically speaking!)


Who is it for:

It is definitely not for the spammer !

It is, however, for anyone who needs a secondary /primary income, people on the minimum wage, the retired person whose pension is parsimonious, the graduate who has a loan to pay back, the disabled, the business owner who wants an online presence, the business owner who wants to “tweak” their site, the single mum, whose time it is difficult to organise, housewives who have become disenchanted with their lot, mums of all ages, who want use the internet, to expand their knowledge, to create something online and say “look, I did that!”



The training is comprehensively laid out with discussion topics on every subject, the Jaaxy keyword tool is very useful, for narrowing down the “shotgun” effect, and refines it to a “sniper” effect, very powerful!  Within the training, is a  very useful course, provided for those of us who tend to procrastinate over our “niches”.  By focusing on the course, it teaches, and shows how to exploit a niche.   The tutorials are nicely complemented by the videos, and anything that needs further clarification can be answered very nicely in either live chat, or by starting a discussion within the classroom.     Within your toolbox you have:

  • Keyword&competition tool
  • WordPress Express(3 clicks website builder)
  • State of the art unlimited cloud hosting(premium)

Access to over 1,200 themes/templates


It`s true, that it does what it says on the tin!

I have been a member for only six weeks, Look at what I`ve achieved! The only screen shot of my earnings that I will share!  Notice that it is not for umpteen thousands of dollars, just $8, very modest, but if I had’nt followed the training, I would not have got even that one sale!  You, see, I’m following a set of instructions, that produce results!  I am being taught how to do it,  “give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats forever!”  If you have a passion, no matter what it is, and you can copy and paste, you CAN do this!  do it now, make your hobby your income!,

yes, you can buy a domain, yes you can get  hosting, yes, you can youtube “how to build a website” but where do you get a second opinion? community help? Product? where would you get the interaction that helps to keep the site well ranked in the search engines?

If somebody had said to me at Christmas, that before Easter I would have  a moneymaking website I would have laughed him out of the room!

wealthy affiliate review

wealthy affiliate review

Circumstances change, life changes, everything changes,  If you are truly serious about having a presence in the marketplace of the world, where how you dress your stall influences the search engines, so you get more exposure!  Then this is definitely the place to start! A website, + traffic=sales




Support is 24/7   and should your query be a bit involved, there is a search bar where you type the question, chances are it’s been asked before!!  If you don’t find the answer there, then you can ask in live chat, or alternatively ask Kyle or Carson directly via a PM message!  As for the community, it will surely become your new “facebook” but with a  purpose!


I have now been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for nearly two years, I have several successful “niche” websites, and I can honestly say that I have no regrets in joining this program in the slightest, after all, you wouldn`t expect me to keep forking out money for something did not work right?

So please come and join me, I would be only too happy to help you with your own online endeavours!

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

I now do internet marketing full time, so you will have a good chance of catching me in live chat!  I really look forward to helping you!

Remember, the first seven days are totally free, and in fact, you can be a free member forever!

Please, at least check it out! you can do that here

affiliate marketer



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