Three Years at Wealthy Affiliate- Some Perspective

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Well, I felt that after actively promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program for over two and a half years, it would be a good idea to write this small article for any one who is even vaguely thinking about starting an online business, or is wondering how to generate more traffic to an existing business, or even if it works! You can see my original wealthy affiliate review here if you would like to see it

Yes, But Does It Work?

I would like to be able to say that my efforts have generated millions of dollars in revenue, that I am one of those elite marketers, however, that is simply not the case, I am seeing a return which does justify continued membership, and I am confident that with the training, advice, and mentoring which I am receiving, it will come to fruition.  It`s with these thoughts in mind that I am updating my review of Wealthy Affiliate, with the benefit of hindsight having been a member now since March 2014.

If you would like to read my initial review, you can reach it here

I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts, so please, feel free to chime in with a comment in the comment box below!affiliate marketer

So here is my updated WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW

WEALTHY AFFILIATE- your best chance at making money on the internet!


wealthy affiliate

With a Global population of around 7 billion people, and a new digital age, is it any wonder that people around the world are actively looking for a way to make money from the Internet?  Of course not!!

Everyday, people from all walks of life are constantly looking for the Rosetta Stone of internet marketing.  If such a thing exists, I haven`t found it, but what I have found is the next best thing!

Every day, people are joining Wealthy Affiliate, and learning how to make a passive income from the internet, and freeing up their time to do the things in life that many only dream of.

So what is Wealthy affiliate and why should you think about becoming part of this amazing community?

Well, Wealthy Affiliate is the brainchild of two very clever guys, based in Canada, who learned how to crack the code of making money from the Internet, and in the spirit of paying it forward, created the one of the worlds foremost training programs, the two guys, Kyle and Carson, are both very active in the community, and ready to lend a hand to anyone who is struggling, as are the other members through the live chat facility. Wealthy Affiliate ReviewIn addition to this very useful feature, there is also a complete suite of marketing tools, including a keyword tool, website builder, and many more!  The support is 24/7 through the chat feature, state of the art hosting for fifty websites, including ssl certificates, seamless and integrated top level domain registration, (dot com`s to me and you!) so all in all, it is the one stop shop for everything to do with affiliate marketing!  And yes, it has an affiliate program too!

wealthy affiliate affiliate details


The Bootcamp courses go through a natural process, teaching website verification for both google webmasters tools, and bing webmasters tools, as well as giving tips for the design, tips to help with finding images suitable for use on a website, (can`t just download them from Google!) which is very useful if you are a complete newbie to website design, which I am!  which brings me to where we ought to discuss who, exactly, is wealthy affiliate best for?  The quick answer is every one!  I t will walk you through the process of picking a marketplace in which to trade, known as a “niche”, if you already have a business with a website, you can take what you learn and apply it to your own website.  If you don`t already have a website, then making one is very easy to do!  You can build a site here, and when you are ready, you can easily transfer it to a bought domain, which is always better for branding.


The Training covers all aspects of internet marketing, including some very useful tips for social media marketing, and with it`s state of the art hosting, you can rest assured that your sites are safe from hackers, and with an ssl certificate google will trust your site more!

There are two membership levels, free and premium, and you can stay free forever if you want, in order to assess which level of membership would suit you best, please have a look below

So, as you can see from the table, the first ten lessons are free, and you are required to upgrade if you want to progress through the course, upgrading is very important if you wish to continue as a marketer, the first ten lessons are more of a taster, so if you would like to try your hand, please feel free to take it for a test drive here

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