Some Say The Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam Program!

wealthy affiliate

Do you believe that?

I can only say that these are people who have not completed the course!  For me, if I hear somebody say the wealthy affiliate is a scam program, I have to question them, because as far as i`m concerned, it has taught me so much, and happy to say I have been a member  for three years now, and, without the training provided, I would not have this site.

affiliate marketing

I would not know how to drive traffic to my site, the lifeblood of any business, be it online, or in the High Street, and I would know nothing of the dark arts, also known as SEO , or the many other aspects of affiliate marketing, which I am being taught.

 What the Founders of Wealthy Affiliate have achieved is noteworthy!  They teach a simple format, which if followed, leads to sales!  Money from the Internet!  That is the single biggest reason why I am a member.

 I am not there to make friends, although I have, many of the people in there are far more knowledgeable than me!

 These are people who are dependable, the ones who put me right when I dash off on a tangent, chasing the newest get rich quick program, that promises me wealth beyond my wildest dreams!

the wealthy affiliate is a scam

 Guess what? Yup!  None of them live up to the hype, even though I have seen the the owners in their rambling great mansions, with their fleet of Ferraris and Rolls Royces on the drive!

 (How come they are not in the Garage?)

That my friends, is the hard sell!

Wealthy Affiliate promises none of that.

Instead, if you are prepared to work hard, and treat it as a training platform, follow the lessons as they are laid out, and take action, you will have laid the foundations of a solid business, remember, most business plans are 5 years.  It should`nt take nearly as long as that!

I made my first online sale in six weeks of joining the program, following the lessons, ok I cheated a bit, and used a keyword that had a year in it, the year I started.

It was great for a while, but guess what? Yep, New Year showed up, and now instead of searching for “blah blah for blah 2015” they used the current year!  Traffic plummeted! Sales went down!

But I had learned a lesson!

 I could make money from the Internet!

You can too! 

You just need to make the decision, do you really want to continue in the 40/40/40 scam?

You know, where you work for forty hours a week, for forty years, to then retire on forty percent of what wasn`t enough to start with!

The best thing I can say is that to all those of you who “tried”, and it didn`t happen, take some time out to ponder the difference between “Try” and Triumph”all it is is a bit of oomph!

Remember the race between the Hare and the Tortoise?  It is hard to beat someone who never gives up!


No, as long as you do the lessons, the tasks as they are laid out, taking massive action on what you have learned, you will be making good progress towards the end game, that of finally being able to say “Hey boss, heres my notice, i`m leaving!”

 And the great thing is, you can pop into the live chat feature and ask for help if you get stuck!

 You are not left to fend for yourself!

Ok, no one is holding your hand while you do the course, but it is comforting to know that there are lots of clever people there who would be more than happy to help out if you do get a problem, if the theme you are using is not mobile friendly etc. any thing at all!

Best part is, they don`t mind!  They like to help!

I would, in all honesty, tell you if I thought it was a scam!

Right now, the best thing to do, is not take my word for it, but instead, create a free account here, and I will meet you on the inside!

and they don`t mind!  They LIKE to help!


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