So, What Is A Keyword Search?

what is a keyword search screenshot of google

Very Good Question!

A Keyword search is where you type a word or phrase, into a search engine, like Google, whilst researching a particular topic or subject, it is usually a phrase, and rarely just one word, this where the confusion comes in!  A keyword is not just one word, although it can be, but it is much more likely to be what is called a “long tail keyword”, and these are things like “boats for sale in xyz city”.  You can see what wikipedia has to say about the topic here.

You yourself found this page by typing in “what is a keyword search?”  If you typed it into google, it is likely you would have seen the “auto suggest”

what is a keyword search screenshot of google

It is worth remembering that the auto suggest will change, as it is based on what the majority of people are looking for at any given time.

So, Now We Know What A Keyword Is, How Do We Know If It Is A Good One?

This where you open your Internet Marketers toolbox, and get out your keyword tool!  A very handy piece of kit, and I use two, three if you count Google.  I have to say, this is my favourite!

It is important here to explain “why” you use keywords, and the reason is very simple, you use them to attract visitors to your site.

It is worth noting here, that if content is king, in the search engine world, then keywords are queen, they are what put your pages in front of readers

If you are lucky, and the Google god smiles on you, you will achieve a respectable rank in the serps, (Search Engine Results Page) which is very important in order to attract traffic, the lifeblood of any business.

It would be a good idea to play with Jaaxy, above, to get a feel for it, because as I find relevant keywords on topics I feel would be of use to the reader, I then like to test them, and I do that here

what is a keyword search jaaxy screenshot

You can see that 4529 searches are made using the keyword “What is a keyword search”, each month, and if I am lucky, I should get 770 new visitors to my site, the QSR is 79, so that means that the Quoted Search Result, is 79, in other words, I am competing with 79 other pages for the same keyword.

The lower the number, the more likely you are to reach the first page on the search engines,which is where you want to be, after all, who goes past the first couple of pages?

As I write a marketing blog, I need to ensure it is niche related , so it is relevant to all the other topics I have written about, and the search engines recognise that it is relevant to the marketplace so that helps with my sites ranking!

Ok Steve, Now What?

This is the good bit!  Now you write about your subject keyword as much as you can, doing relevant research so you do not end up misleading the reader, so that when the readers leave, they know everything about their enquiry , in this case, keywords what a keyword is, how it is used for best effect, and how it brings visitors to your site.affiliate marketing

it is important to write only as much as you need to about the topic, and not get drawn into “fluffing it out!”

This known as keyword stuffing, and is not considered as good seo.

The readers must feel that they have gained, that they have had a specific need fulfilled, and that they have had the solution to their query/problem properly answered, and for the correct placement of your chosen keyword, it should be in the title, and in the first paragraph, then naturally as it occurs while writing about it.

So hopefully you now know what is a keyword search  for, but if you are still unclear, please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

I believe in you!

Till next time







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