Looking For A Free Lead Capture Page?

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If you are looking for a free lead capture page,


You are probably new to this roller-coaster ride, of internet marketing, to be looking for a free lead capture page.  So well done for looking for one!  It is a very powerful tool to have in your marketers tool box, but it is also a double edged sword if you just use it to send e-mails telling people to buy tartan paint, for example.

Everyone tells you;

“the money is in the list!”


That is definitely true.   But, most people, who enter their details to see whats on the other side, feel a bit bullied.  I know I do, and I get an inbox full of e-mails,to boot!


AND  I`ve got LOADS of e-mails, you see, like you, I know that there is money in internet marketing, and a system of  capturing  your leads is absolutely essential, not to spam, but to build empathy with your audience, so you can inform them of the benefits of various programs/products.  THAT is why you should want to capture their details.


Check this out!

This is a free course!

It shows you how to make what is also known as a”Squeeze Page”, so called because it “squeezes” your details out of you!


The main elements on a squeeze page, generally speaking, is a capture form for you to enter your details, a video, relating to the product, and usually, but not always, a free gift, this is usually an e-book or PDF file that may or may not be useful to you.


Of course, you can always buy one!



 Personally speaking, I use wp Lead Plus,

It is a totally free plugin! only displays on the front page, but effective, or, alternatively, how about a free pop up box? on a timer?




That`s right, a totally free plugin called popup ally, the developers have a pretty impressive c.v. and all they ask is that you donate something if you like the product! Fair enough?   Works for me!  Heres how you do it:





So now you know

Three different ways to successfully create lead capture pages! free!

for testing purposes,  I would go here;

To learn more about internet marketing, I can honestly recommend Wealthy Affiliate,  the only program I made money with.


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