I Was Out In The Cold

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Well, those of you who follow me on various social media platforms, will already know that I was out in the cold as far as Wealthy Affiliate went, (a program I still endorse!).

Disaster struck!!

To be fair, Kyle and Carson were very good about it, they took the attitude, sort of “nothing personal, it’s just business, my boy” which is fair enough, they helped me relocate a site, once I had found a cheap host, even though I had technically left!

That wasn’t easy!

Some of the hosts offer really good incentives to host with them, but then, the admin fees kick in!, I found a really cheap host for one of my sites, but it is proving a bit tricky to access an editor!  A problem I hadn’t encountered here at WA.  Still, for £10.80 for 1 years hosting isn’t too bad!

Following the training I had received, within wealthy affiliate,  I just waited, and posted and when  a pigeon came to home to roost,  I promptly re-subscribed!

One of my concerns is: Can a site that was once ranked well in SERPS regain it after deletion!  Still, time will tell!

A good thing that happened, was I became very focused on a niche, a project that is now under way.

Another useful thing that occurred was that I was able to assimilate the the enormous amount of information I had received whilst progressing through the courses, and I now feel better placed to implement it successfully!

So while I was out in the cold, I learned how to get warm again, and I can’t thank enough the brilliant community that is Wealthy Affiliate!






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