How To Make Your Own Website

Which Content Management System Should I Choose?

When it comes to making your own website, there are quite a few options to choose from, although I tend to favour wordpress sites, for a few reasons, which I will explain in a minute, for now, though you have to realise a website is just a content management system, a place on the web which stores your stuff.  

The content of a site needs to be organised in a way that is easy for people to work their through, and it all needs to be in just one place, which is where the domain comes into play, the domain here is howtomakemoneyonlinemate. com, this is the place on the web, where I have my “shop” for want of a better word,  and all my content is managed here through the dash board, or back office if you prefer.

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As I mentioned earlier, I use word press as my content management system, because it is very user friendly for a newbie like myself, and over 30% of websites use the same system,  so, I am in good company!

By using wordpress, it means I can take my site, and put it on hosting services all around the world, to whichever host has the best deal, which is something you cannot do with wix, another content management system which is also available.  With wix, I find that there are quite a few limitations as to what I can and can`t do.

There are also thousands of themes from which to choose, a theme is basically just a template, you can have them with fancy “sliders” which is where the photos or graphics just fade in and out, looks really good, but I think it is just a distraction so I don`t bother, because although images help to make it all look nice, it is the content you really want to read, not look at pretty pictures of mountains or the sea, or anything else.

In this video, you can basically disregard getting hosting, I have found a place that will host it for free!

This is what a lot of people forget, the visitors to the site have just asked a question in one of the search engines, and the site you have has just popped up, they want to look at the answer to their question, quickly, without fuss.

Back in the day,  if you wanted to know how to make your own website, you would have to learn coding and cascading style sheets (CSS) and goodness knows whatever else! now, though, none of that is needed, the “theme” sorts it all out for you, which for the newcomer is a godsend.

Yes, you will have to know how to copy and paste, which is pretty much all you have to do, and then it is only a couple of things, like verifying your site with the search engines so they can find it, again it is very simple, as the engines tell you where to put it, and then, once your site is verified and indexed, it is easy to find on the net.

What is Content?  Why Do I Need It?

The next step is to add content, which is basically what you are reading now, BUT, you don`t just write about anything, you need to discover what people are looking for, one of the easiest ways to do this is to go to google, they own about 80% of all the searches made online, and just type in the search box,and what pops up underneath, is what people are looking for, they are the most popular search terms.

This is known as the alphabet soup technique.

Another way is to use a keyword tool like Jaaxy

Themes and Domains

Themes are both free, and paid for, and wordpress has approximately two thousand free themes which you can choose from, then what you would do, is find a host, buy a domain name, from somewhere like name cheap. or go daddy, or anyone of the domain name registrars that you like.

You would then change the domain name servers to point at your hosting company, then you would upload your chosen theme into the domain name that you have bought, on the host company`s servers.

Sounds complicated?  It can be, especially when it can sometimes take up to 48 hours to “propagate”  i.e. give you access to it, because you are not sure if you have done it right, and of course, you have started to incur cost and you can`t see the site you bought!

Domain names are usually pretty cheap though, only costing about ten dollars per year.  I recommend namecheap

When I was starting out on my journey, I found the best way to make a site was to try to find somewhere where I could make it for nothing, without it costing anything, cheapskate I know, but I work hard for my money and I wasn`t going to just hand it over!

I found a place where I could “play” with websites, for free, with hosting, but it would`nt allow me to have any sort of affiliation or any way to “monetise” , the whole point of the exercise, as far I was concerned, then when I was looking for a way to do this, I came across a site which gave me the option to do exactly that!

Free to join, free to host, free to build, first ten lessons in website design free, and seven days access to live chat where I could ask any question I wanted.

Free Website Builder

That worked for me!  I built this site there, and a few others, because I discovered you could not have your own domain hosted there, unless you joined, so I did, now I can have 25 free sites if I want!

Learning how to build your own website, although it can seem quite daunting, is, once you have got the hang of it, pretty easy really, and you can have as many sites as ideas, in a very short period of time, which, when you learn to monetise, can be very productive.

So, if you want to know how to make your own website, hassle free, I suggest you follow the instructions below.  Good Luck!

If you would like to know more about the platform, you can read my review here

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