How to make money from the internet

how to make money from the internet


how to make money from the internet

How To Make Money From The Internet

So, today I am going to be talking about how to make money from the internet, which is in fact, not as hard as you might think, it does involve a lot of work, but ultimately, it is very worthwhile!  The time you spend creating wealth is not wasted, because it will continue for months and years into the future,  creating a “passive” income.

The first thing you will need to decide is what will be your “niche”.  I am not going to discuss this here, you can read more about it here.  Once you have decided which “niche” you are going to enter, you then need to create a website, and host it, you can do that here,

Obviously, you will need a web site, with a few plugins, which are free, for the most part anyway, I have a paid plugin on this site, which I use for e-mail capture, but when you are first starting out, there are a few ways you can get round this, by using free programs, such as MadMimi, unfortunately, MadMimi don`t like the make money online niche, they consider it to be a “spammy” industry, which is fine.


6 Ways To Make Money From Your Site

how to make money from the internet

Affiliate Programs – This is far and away the best way to make money from your site.

The principle is so simple, I am honestly surprised more people don`t do this, in essence all you do is find an appropriate affiliate program, join it, and then promote it on your site!

The secret is to get people who are just about to buy an item, and are doing additional research on it.  This could be a camera, a car, microwave oven!

If you join one of the better known affiliate programs, such as Amazon, if they visit Amazon using your link, then anything they buy, you get commission for!  The beauty is in the fact, that you have written a bit about the item, which will continue to sell for you, far into the future.



Create your own product –how to make money from the internet This can sound very daunting, but in actual fact it is remarkably simple to do, especially in the digital age, if you were to create a pdf file, and sell it as an e-book, you would make money from it, especially if there was very little competition for the information contained in it.

Due to geographical differences, some products aren`t available everywhere, so, if you were talking about the best way to repair the gel coat on a boat, for example, the fact that a piece of linoleum will leave the finished repair as smooth as glass, would be worth something to a diy er!  You can learn how to write an e-book here

Adsense advertising – This a way that google will place adverts on your site, if you have enough traffic, some of it will click through to the advert, which will generate revenue for you.  I t should be noted that here, in the UK, google will pay out when you have earned £60.  If you choose to have google adsense on your site, it is very important that you do not click the ads yourself!  You will quickly lose this way of generating money if you do!  It is a free program to join and approval is usually very quick.

Build A List – This is one of the easiest things to do, so long as your site gets reasonable traffic, no doubt you have the heard “the money is in the list” and this is very true, but the fortune is in the follow up, and it is vital that the messages your autoresponder sends out are relevant, and address the problems that your readers have in their chosen niche, pointless sending an e-mail that promotes gardening gloves to a single mum!  You need to create a profile of who your visitor is, and what problems they want to solve.

Relevant advertisers – These are companies, within your niche, who produce and sell products, that your visitors could conceivably want to buy, they are not in competition with adsense, as they  are niche related, and not retargetting,  as google does, where the same advert follows you around on the internet!

Amazon Products – Everybody is used to buying on Amazon these days, so it is no wonder that most people actively promote them,  the trick is to address the problem that the reader has!  Someone has typed, for example, “best way to get fit at home”  then, you would write an article that addresses that particular problem, tell them what you did, and how this wonderful multi gym will help them, that you found on Amazon, concentrate on the F.A.B principles, features, advantages, benefits! tell them they can read reviews here, and link it to amazon, once the cookie is set, it lasts for 24 hours, so if they then go on to buy a refrigerator, you earn a commission.

Ok, so now you know six ways to make money from your site, now you will need to get traffic to it, and by far the best way, is to do proper seo on the articles you have written.  you can read more about that subject here

You will obviously need to learn other aspects of internet marketing, such as marketing! you can get expert help  and advice from the Wealthy Affiliate Program, a program which I wholeheartedly endorse!  I have a review of the program on this site, but if you would much rather just create a free account and get cracking, I would Love to welcome you, you can get access here

I believe in you!

Till next time,


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