How To Earn Money Online


Loads and Loads of people are trawling the internet as you are reading this, trying to find that single elusive nugget that will show or teach you how to earn money online,  they will look at finding a digital product from one of the many digital platforms out there, cloaking the link in some type of online link shortener, and throwing a modest amount of money in advertising, either with google. or bing ads, and hoping to buck the trend, will sit at their computer, or on their devices, clicking refresh every so often, in the hope they have made a sale.disappointment

Others will be looking at the next plug in and play program, that will make you a millionaire overnight!  They usually cost next to nothing, but if you want all the bells and whistles, you will find it costs a lot more!  These are called upsells, I hate em!   But it is just business.  What a joke!  The annoying thing is, Everybody does it!  Ever been to a fast food drive thru where they don`t ask if you want to go large?   No, didn`t think so.  The so called gurus are exactly the same, as you have probably already discovered!

Then there are the sites that say “Do survey,blah blah blah”, the truth, is you spend hours doing a survey, to end up with about £3.00!  That is after you wasted twenty minutes to see if you are their “target”!  (53 year old bloke, I know nothing about nappies/diapers!!)

Then there is the old favourite, getting up at the crack of dawn, and hot footing it to the nearest carboot sale, or garage sale, or yard sale, hoping to find a gem you can advertise on e-bay!  Now, I don`t know about you, but spending my morning, on my day off, at the weekend, sorting through other peoples old tat, is not for me!!

yard sale

Yes, as a business model, it works for some people, just not me, uh uh, me, I like to copy what other successful people do, build a website, and promote something that has a real value, something that actually works, something that is working 24/7 to enhance your life, not grubbing around in the dark, in some bloody field, miles from your pillow!

I like to provide help for people, to show people how to earn money on the internet, by providing useful information that real people can use,  by showing them how they can make money just by writing about stuff they are passionate about, wether that passion is about sailing, or their gerbils!  Yes, your pets can help you to earn money from the web!  Bizarre I know, but it is a fact.Digital Lifestyle

I f you consider that most people search for information, when they use the internet, if you can provide that information, and a solution to the problem that they have, then you can make money from doing just that, providing a solution, by giving a recommendation on a product or service that addresses that problem.

ok, so how do you do that?


Really easily, as it happens, all you do is decide your niche (market place), create a beautiful website, and attract people to your site!

Sounds complicated?  It really isn`t!  It is a very simple process! and if you go here you will find out just how easy it really is!




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