How To Take A Screen Shot And Edit It Easily!

Steve Diestler





There are many tutorials available on how to do a screen shot.  It is really as simple as pressing a button on your machine/device`s keyboard, it is usually marked “prn scrn” or another abbreviation, the one I have on my laptop, is “prt sc” which is right next to the button marked “insert”, which is a function to use when sending your screen capture through the e-mail.  If you decide that it would be much better to have an arrow pointing to the offending item, then there are many free apps which allow you to do this just by drawing a circle with your mouse, or in the app that I use, by point and click.   I personally like to upload it to monosnap, which is a free program,( with paid options available, that allow you to go so far as to make a really long video if you should so desire).  As someone who is determined to help as many people as I can, I use it  so that I can make this:


6 weeks later!





Admittedly, it took me about a week to learn how to do a screen shot, which is probably apparent on the shots, BUT I DID LEARN HOW TO DO IT.

And I learned how to upload it.  I will be doing a series of posts, show casing various techniques, and skills, that a twelve year old won`t  believe you really don`t know!



This is how you take one using windows 8.

I can thoroughly recommend this training I found


I can see a time coming in the future, when making use of screenshots, will become second nature, so it makes sense to learn how to do it, and edit it to your own satisfaction.


I would also ask myself why I need to do a screen shot, what is the purpose of it, it is obviously to show someone else what is on your screen, so I would use the program mentioned (monosnap) in order to draw my readers attention to a particular field, it is very easy u to use, but mastery of it is better with a mouse, owing to the freedom of movement you have in the mouse,  I will be doing a more thorough review of the software in a later post, but I hope I have helped you in creating a screen capture.  A simple skill, easy to learn, to help you in your journey.


If you would like a similar post on a related subject, I would be very happy to try to help you, please post it in the comments and I will respond.


“Success is a journey, not a destination”


Till next time mates



IF you found this useful, please let me know,  I would love to know your opinion!

(disclaimer, I receive affiliate commissions, you might not do as well, you might do better. you might make nothing at all!)

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