Getting Started!

Getting Started!

Its easier than you think!

At Wealthy Affiliate, there are thousands of people, just like you and me, who want to create an online business to escape from the 9-5 jive.

  If you click here,  you can see when I first got started.  A truly Amazing period for me, look at what I`ve done! I built this all on my own! In between school runs, and work!

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

I don`t have any experience in programming or anything like that, in fact, computers arrived at my school just as I was leaving!


I joined Wealthy Affiliate for two reasons.

1. It is free

2. I needed something to give me another revenue stream.


It has totally blown me away, and I`m not alone, check out this video


As you can see, we are all just ordinary people, looking to beat the 9-5 Jive.

Stop selling your time for buttons! jump on! what do you have to lose?

I wrote a review of Wealthy Affiliate, which I encourage you to read, and, if you want a brief idea of what you will be doing, I suggest checking this out!!




Come and join me on a Journey!

Till next time mates.


PS. An example of a discussion I started in the class room

HERE  is an example of a discussion I started in the classroom!!

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