Credit Is A Hard Task Master!

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To say that things have altered with the way life, business and companies, conduct their marketing techniques and strategies today, would be something of an understatement. Credit has spawned a hard task master, so why get involved? it just ties people into a defunct system, that has long outlived its functionality.

Unfortunately the days are gone, where Joe Blogs or Jane Doe can roll up to the bank, cap in hand, presenting a home prepared business plan to the bank manager. Leaving it for them to decide on your character, seriousness and determination, with regards to your new venture. Then deciding whether or not to grant you a loan to kick start your business.!

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

It’s all about credit scores, seriously lacking the personal touch. I can still remember ( it wasn’t that long ago cheeky!) the time before the introduction of credit cards. There was hire purchase, which I suppose is a similar concept, but using real money, as in the type you can see and touch, or  an honored cheque was paid over.  Weekly installments were paid to the shopkeeper for whatever item it was that you had purchased.

It was even considered a little embarrassing, letting your neighbors find out that you had purchased something “on the knock”.

How things have changed, providing you are in regular employment and can provide proof of earnings. (I am referring to those little black figures in your online bank account, or printed on a bank statement).

You can possess all those material possessions, that we are brainwashed into believing we need. Purchased immediately, with interest free credit from the shop or with a personal credit card.

Some TV advertising companies have turned this into an art, producing mini dramas depicting the kind of life, that we should all supposedly be aspiring to.

Credit has devalued everything, effectively cheapening our society. If you are saving money for an item you want, there is always a waiting period and desire is experienced. Sometimes you will even go off the idea while you are waiting, because you ask yourself, do I really need it?

The chances are that you don’t, but sometimes when you are out shopping you feel compelled to buy something. Because of some jingle or another that’s been on the radio feeding subliminal messages into your brain.

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

Credit also creates impulse buying, people out amongst the high street stores or in the shopping malls are constantly bombarded with visual or aural advertising. To the point where,spending too long in there will result in a purchase of something you wouldn’t necessarily need, or could afford. Out comes the sales person and the, “oh don’t worry about that sir, we can offer you interest free credit.” patter is forced upon you. “I bet you can,” is my usual rather curt reply.

With interest free credit on virtually everything these days, with don’t finish paying until you have worn your sofa out, then come back to buy another deals. This encourages people to get into more debt, resulting in them becoming slaves to the system.  Working all hours god sends to keep their heads above water, with precious little surplus cash for leisure time. Resulting in a reluctance every morning to go to work, realizing the credit trap they have been lured into.

In the past decade, with internet marketing now accounting for the largest amount of consumer goods bought, the competition in the high street shops, and pressure on employees to push sales, has become a nightmare for them.

The recent demise of comet, who were a major player in the UK electrical retail sector, fell victim in 2012, to the rise of internet sales, and lack of consumer spending.

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing


Internet sales are now accounting for a vast percentage of all consumer goods, sold through a collective network of affiliate marketers. If you are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing then may I suggest that you become acquainted, and soon. It is an opportunity to dig yourself out of the hole that society and credit has put you in.

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