Category: Minimum wage

Credit Is A Hard Task Master!

affiliate marketer

To say that things have altered with the way life, business and companies, conduct their marketing techniques and strategies today, would be something of an understatement. Credit has spawned a hard task master, so why get involved? it just ties people into a defunct system,… Continue reading

Looking For A Free Lead Capture Page?

affiliate marketer

If you are looking for a free lead capture page,   You are probably new to this roller-coaster ride, of internet marketing, to be looking for a free lead capture page.  So well done for looking for one!  It is a very powerful tool to… Continue reading

Minimum wage

  The minimum wage, which was introduced to ensure fair play, has seriously damaged potential homebuyers, in as much, that jobs in the private sector are nearly all, with a few exceptions, minimum wage.  It is a way for business to cut their overheads.  Thirty… Continue reading

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