Build A Website in just 30 seconds!

What A Pearl!




A content management system that can build a website in just 30 seconds!  The last time I tried to do this, the catchy title was build a website in thirty days!

When I think of all the rubbish I went through, trying so very hard , with a free website builder, watching a video, pausing it, playing it, and  it still went wrong!! To see it done! Ready to go! In just 30 seconds!

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I Know, Absolutely Brilliant!


Sorry for bigging it up, but my last website building project had me banging my head against the wall! must have been about ten years ago now, put me off for life, or so I thought.

You see, the thing is, like you, I know that there are people out there,( probably on a beautiful Island), with a laptop, and broadband, making dough!  Lots of it too, if the screenshots are to be believed!

Living, a life, not just existing from day to day, as so many of us do.

Like  you, I know that the Internet is only going to get bigger, that the High street is suffering because of it, you do too, that is why you are looking at getting or improving your business!  have a go, it`s Free!


We Are Living In A World That Is Dominated By The Technology We Have.

The way to make a few bob has always been by writing,  look at all the authors, before television and radio, the gentry everywhere were writing books!

By having a website, you have a presence on the web, where you can write, and monetize from.

If you  happen to be the next, Arthur Conan Doyle, Shakespeare,  Dickens,or Mark Twain, this is your medium.

If you want to grab a slice of the pie that is the internet, you know you need a website, this video shows how you get a blank canvass to make your own, with your message.

After you watch the video, please carry on below, as you will also need traffic

You will also need a domain, which is your brandable property, I recommend namecheap.  

Purely and simply because the exchange rate can work to your advantage, and its nice and simple without a lot of confusing “add ons” which you don`t really need!

Or for godaddy, click here
Start a website with a $7.99 .COM domain from GoDaddy!


You will then need hosting which is included in your Wealthy Affiliate subscription, and a “Theme” to use as the site itself, also included.


To  recap:




That`s it, all you need to get up and running, and at Wealthy Affiliate, you don`t  need to buy a domain immediately, use a free one!

truly, a ” try before you buy” scenario!

 “Build it and they will come!”


Traffic is Key!

Without  traffic, your website, is a chocolate teapot!, There are a number of ways to generate traffic, no right way, no wrong way, you can even write postcards telling people to visit your site if you want!

click here to find out how to add an opt in popup

What ever question you have, please feel free to ask me a question.  I will answer it fully on these pages.

Do yourself a favour,  get a website!

Join me We are legion!

Till next time  mates,



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