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An Anniversary!

 Yes, it is the anniversary month of a one year career within the affiliate marketing industry.  It is a fantastic industry to be involved in, through the  internet, we are all able to take part in the evolution of peoples shopping habits.  

You see more and more people surfing the net on their devices, everywhere you look, people are shopping, or reading, or any one of a hundred other things it can do, I`m sure you have seen a supermarket lorry in your road before, or click&collect.

Habits are changing, due in part to the hectic schedule we all have to follow.  With the technology available, there is absolutely no reason not to take advantage of it.

You can always see when I started here, and boy, how hard has it been for me personally, to crack the code,as it were, and if you bear with me for a minute, I will do my  best to try to show the very best way to make extra money at home, stress free, but first you need to watch this:

It all starts with a beautiful website!  Not a website designer? don`t worry! It is all done for you!  Ok, you will have to upload pictures, links etc. but it is all covered for you! see here

Once you have set up the pages, and written some interesting stuff, people will come and check it out! and it doesn`t end there, you see once you have some interesting and helpful advice to offer people, your focus then is to attract people to your website, if you are honest in your approach, people will trust you!


So as you can see, it is important to have a site, promoting your stuff, it has to fill a gap, it has to offer something of value to the audience you are aiming for, otherwise, whoosh! they`re gone!

Stay away from Binary Options, not enough regulations in place for that industry is my own opinion, but, hey, if you like to bet occasionally, why not?

in building your business, you know a website is important, generating traffic to it is important, and affiliating yourself with companies, who have products for your site is important.  How do you find out how to start?

Well, if were you, I would read, and read, and read!

Or you could check out my review, take it for a test drive, free, see what you think!  You are walked through how to build, promote, and source products for your business!

One thing you must be is honest!  Both with yourself, and your Audience, and remember, this is a business you are building, it is not a get rich quick scheme,



Your actions in promoting your site, will last ages if done right, and the good news is there is not really a right or wrong way to do this, there are ways that will be more efficient, and others less so, but if you can commit a year to doing what other people won`t do, you can spend the following year doing what they can`t do!

click here

Digital Lifestyle

Up until now, I have been practising what I preach, in as much that I write about things that people are looking for on the Internet, trying to help them, you see, Internet Marketing is such a social animal, that it is hard not to connect with your audience, indeed, people e-mail me asking for me to help them out with bits and pieces to better their knowledge.

 So, I usually just sit down and write a blog, showing people how to overcome obstacles, everything from taking a screenshot and editing it, to how to do effective keyword research, to how to get google rankings for their sites.

Click Here!

Everything I learnt about how to do Internet Marketing, I learnt from Wealthy Affiliate, you can see my review here, so I won`t bore  you with all the details!  Suffice to say, I am making a few bob doing it!  I am definitely not saying that this lifestyle is for everyone, it is`nt, but if you are sincere in looking for a way to supplement your income, then the Internet is the way forward!  

The Shop That Never Closes!

How cool is that? Even when sleeping, your shop is open, and automated! 

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

 Don`t be misled, it does take work, as you learn more, you realise how much you don`t know!  That is why I take the time to try to break it down for my readers.

 Few of us are so blessed that we can take the concept and run with it, competently, and make money with it in thirty minutes!. That, my friend, is why, it is worthwhile taking the time out to study at your own speed, and in doing so, you will discover the very best way to make extra money at home, so remember; It all starts with a beautiful website.!

till next time


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