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Andrew Reynolds 

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 Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2015

 copy this idea

What an eye opener!

It all started on the 17 of July 2015, at 9 am sharp, doors opening at 8:00 am.Ticket to Entrepreneurs bootcamp

I must admit, it was with excitement and anticipation that I got up on each of the three days at 5;30am,the book give away seminar, was a fantastic idea.  A UK national and multi millionaire, he held his Entrepreneurs Bootcamp at the Brighton Center, on the south coast of England, some fifty miles from my home.

The crowd at bootcamp

Ticket sales revenue were in excess of 100k, which he donated to  the blind children uk charity.  He is already a patron of the make a wish foundation, a charity for terminally ill children, and he also made a large donation to a soup kitchen in South Africa, which has allowed it to continue.

I must admit, I was expecting it to be a “happy clappy” sort of an affair, and in that I was pleasantly surprised, as it was a calm affair, with a multitude of guests, all millionaires!


Of course, it had an element of audience participation, stand up,” put your arm up if..”. sort of thing, but on the whole,  they were all extremely well polished presenters, and very knowledgable in their areas of expertise, which was what had made them millionaires.

All very normal people, who had found that necessity was the mother of invention, and that the cost of doing nothing was greater than the cost of their investment, a concept I learned ages ago, but had never heard it vocalized in such a way.

As I said, a real eye opener!



Not all of them were Internet Marketers, Greg Secks, made a fortune on the stock exchange, as had Darren Winters.

Andy Harrington had made his fortune by public speaking.

Another speaker had made his fortune out of property, he had 570 house,  didn`t use any of his own money to get them, and bought the majority at below market value (BMV),  by simply putting a leaflet through the door, and he told us 8 ways of funding that are available.

I will keep you informed as to how my property portfolio progresses!

As I said , it was a very well presented 3 day event where all the speakers had around ninety minutes to tell us, the audience,how they did it, why they did it, and where they did it, and what they did.  The three days were sprinkled with famous Internet marketers, which is the reason I was there, and I was not disappointed!Boot camp

Mr. Matt LLoyd, the creator of a program called Mobe, explained how he and his brother started selling potatoes by the roadside in the Australian township he grew up in, how he then later went on with his education and developed a business in a corner in his bedroom.

Mr Arman Morin, flew in from Korea, to talk to us about his ROAR product, immediately after his presentation, he flew back to rejoin his family, who were on holiday there.  Bit like taking a bus I suppose.

Mr. Tom Hua, flew in from Australia, and spoke to us about the validity of ebooks, and of his new hosting company, and as he put it to us so succinctly, if English is my second language, and I can do it, so should you all be able to do it. whilst promoting his promo 2  program.

Mr. Paul O`Mahony, managed to strip the veil of mystery that surrounds social media, an area of marketing which I know I neglect, because I  don`t know enough about it.  I thought it was just for flash crowds, ISIS, and causing fights locally!  When he outlined what his partner, Millie, had accomplished through using twitter, I must admit, to a lightbulb moment, as he said, and it was a theme that ran through all the speakers, the internet is set to boom again!  Look at the children who cannot count yet, but know the pincode for your smart phone!

Brighton center

Mr. Simon Coulson, a former BT engineer, and a member of the cold play tribute band, cool play, told us how, at a time when buying property abroad was the fashion, he wrote the Bulgarian property guide, using free resources on the internet.  he collected all the information, and published an ebook about the process.  He then went on to do a whole series of foreign property guides, using information that is freely available on the internet.  As he said in his presentation, people do not have time anymore in order to do the research for themselves, so it saved time for them to  get all the information they needed in one book.   From the success of that series of books, he is now a millionaire.

Mr. Shawn Casey, also flew in from the states, along with his partner, Mr. Brian Koz ( these are really big players in the internet marketing arena, having such students as Tony Robbins, John Chow, Frank Kern and many others.  I consider myself lucky to have been able to grab him for a quick selfie!shawn casey

The fairer sex was well represented by Shaa Wasamunde, MBE, whose opening line had me sitting upright, because I have been somewhat remiss in work.  basically been a bit lazy!  Her opening line was “Stop Marketing” or words to that effect, because that was what I had stopped doing exactly that.  Caught shiny object syndrome and off I went on a tangent!

But what she had to say was truly eye opening, and I am sure it will help me in my business.  Of course, having a product is the first part of the equation, a platform to sell from, and traffic, is the complete formula!

The lessons, techniques, and insights, that I learned, from this 3 day event are absolutely brilliant!

andrew reynolds copy this idea  As always, Mr Reynolds, has only ever been interested in quality, as anyone who has ever got his cash on demand course will verify, and as he has written this book, Copy This Idea, which has been in the top three of The Sunday Times Best Business book , written by a man who has banked £50 million!  What is it worth?

you can get your free copy here

But before you head over there, make sure you check out my #1 recommendation for making money off the Internet, and follow Andrew Reynolds Copy This Idea, remember, the cost of doing nothing, is greater than the cost of the investment!  All in all a marvellous experience!  I know I would have regretted missing the entrepreneurs bootcamp 2015, had I not gone!  Well worth the effort of attending!







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