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affiliate marketing


 Affiliate Marketing For Dummies 2014

affiliate marketing

If only there was information like this when I first started,a nice all under one roof,  affiliate marketing for dummies 2014 blueprint for free, if it was a course, I would have signed up for it straight away!

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

You see, this affiliate marketing thing is full of cryptic references, to things like niche, it has impossible to guess initials, (API application programming interface, who knew?), and lots more which I`m discovering on my journey!

Basically, it all boils down to about six or seven things you have to do or have.  Don`t worry, I will list them below, and explain them all.


    1. Niche – vital.
    2. Passion, drive
    3. Domain name – not so much.


  1. Hosting – vital.
  2. Website – vital.
  3. Affiliate Programs – definitely need this one folks!
  4. SEO – important.
  5. Keyword Research – vital.


Watch the expert use all the tips and resources listed below,  if there is ANYTHING that is unclear, please leave a comment, I am more than happy to help you understand it.

  This link will take you to a video which lasts an hour, I thoroughly recommend sitting away from distractions! here it is

This was aired June 21st 2014, and the audience suggested the Niche.  If you enjoyed it, I would thoroughly recommend creating a free account, test the water, as they say!  You can do this by going to the top right of the page, or click here


I have created a” hyperlink” in the word  “niche” title above this sentence, this will take you to an affiliate site, where you will see how the niches are broken down..

If you are still unclear, please carry on reading!

There is so much hot air blown about this subject it is ridiculous!!  The best way to explain it is like this:

Imagine you are in a market, in a town somewhere, there is the lady who sells curtain material and table cloths, the guy who has faux fur throws for the bed, duvets sheets etc.

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

The hat man, the smoking stall that sells e-cigarettes and rolling papers, fruit and veg stall, etc.  These are the Niches, the products are aimed at their niche!

Niches do sometimes need to be narrowed down, a good example is hiking, this a huge niche that encroaches on camping, outdoor living, that sort of thing.

A good way to narrow it down, is, hiking clothes for men,hiking clothes for women, and boys and girls.

Could even put doggy treats in there!

Get a map and show people good hikes!




What makes a good domain?  Easy, it should be one that people will remember!

Short and sweet, no numbers, no hyphens, no spaces,  it does not matter if it does`nt relate to your niche, (obviously, it helps!) after all, Amazon do not do river trips, Apple do not sell fruit!  If you can get a domain which happens to be a word people search for, you will attract visitors anyway!

On siterubix, you can call it what you want!

 Start a website with a $7.99 .COM domain from GoDaddy!

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing


This is where you put your site! plain and simple, think of it as a big party, google shows up and asks if you are there, the host shows google what its looking for (you), google scurries back where it came from, (someones keyboard), and says yep found you!

It is a good idea to get hosting for unlimited sites, because as you develop into a “guru”, who understands the concept, you will soon want to have multiple sites covering different niches!

At Wealthy Affiliate, that’s included!  You can have as many sites as you do ideas! Here is a link to one of my other sites, as you can see, it is still under construction, please feel free to leave a comment if you like it.



Here, you have a few options, this site is on a Content Management System called WordPress, All I did was load a theme from WordPress, and then edited it.  On this site, there is an option to create a website in 30 seconds, go here to try it.  Or, if you want a site that looks like flickr, go here.


Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program is where you approach a business, and ask to sell their stuff for a commission!

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

Nearly every business has an affiliate program, whether or not you get accepted is up to the company, usually, as long as your niche is the same as theirs, no problem, even if it is`nt, companies like Amazon will allow you to promote their site, and earn commissions off sales.

Best place to look for an affiliate program is at the bottom of the page you are visiting, here are a couple that have digital downloads, which means you do not have to have a shed  load of stuff to post out!  They are:


As  always, good, thorough research is essential, as some products are not as good as the hype!  So check carefully  before you start promoting.  It is usually a good idea to search the internet for reviews on items that interest you, both good and bad bad reviews, as this will help to keep a sense of balance.

If you are interested in drop shipping, a market that is seriously neglected  Click Here!, This will take you to a company, based in the U.S.  which will happily ship orders out for you.

As this wholesale distributor is predominantly in the USA, it is a good idea to think of your market,so when choosing a domain, try to get .com.

(it’s OK, I take dollars too!)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are basically two aspects to good seo, this is the first part, making sure I use the right tags, putting in pictures, (images) and using spaces, good grammar, ( it’s ok, we got spell check!).  This is called “on page” SEO, because it relates to what you are reading right now.

This is important to get right!  The way you get  it right is to make sure you use whats called h1 tag.  Its in a place called the kitchen sink in word press, it is the big title at the top of the page.

The other titles are called h2 tags, again in the kitchen sink!  Google and other search engines use a “bot” (robot) to check content, and the use of these tags show the bots that the content (what you are reading right now) has been broken down within the topic.

Once you have done that, simply install a “plugin” called “all in one SEO” plugin, its free, from wordpress, in there you put all the keywords that you’ve targeted, your Google Analytics code, and Bing`s code.

Basically, it informs google and other search engines “what you are looking for is right here!!”  This is the second part of SEO, and it is called “Off page SEO”.  The next thing you need to do is submit a sitemap!

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

Site Map

I use Google xml sitemap generator, by Arne Bruchenwalde, you can find out more here, basically, clever though the bots are, they still need a map to index the site, that way, can search your entire site, and work out how relevant it is to your inital search term (keyword)







Keyword Research


Another area which has an aura of mystique about it!

Keywords are the words people are typing into search engines nothing more!

Do yourself a favour, go to google or bing or any search engine of your choice and type a question! the lines of text which show up underneath the search box are keywords!

They are the most common search terms!  There are several keyword tools you can use to see how often a certain phrase or word is searched for on a monthly basis.  I use Jaaxy, easy to use, and it shows me how many pages I`m competing against for the top spot on google!  So folks that is it, affiliate marketing for dummies 2014! easy right?  Try it below

That is it in a nutshell!

Good luck!


(disclaimer: I make money from this site, you might make more, or less, or even nothing at all, ! I am not responsible for what you do, or don`t do with this information! )

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