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Some Say The Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam Program!

Do you believe that? I can only say that these are people who have not completed the course!  For me, if I hear somebody say the wealthy affiliate is a scam program, I have to question them, because as far as i`m concerned, it has… Continue reading

how to make money from the internet

How to make money from the internet

  How To Make Money From The Internet So, today I am going to be talking about how to make money from the internet, which is in fact, not as hard as you might think, it does involve a lot of work, but ultimately, it… Continue reading

what is a keyword search screenshot of google

So, What Is A Keyword Search?

Very Good Question! A Keyword search is where you type a word or phrase, into a search engine, like Google, whilst researching a particular topic or subject, it is usually a phrase, and rarely just one word, this where the confusion comes in!

Physical products

How To Start A Home Based Business

When it comes to starting your own home based business, you will need to decide if you are going to stock physical products that you ship out to your customers, or whether you are going to sell digital products like an e-book, or do affiliate… Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Website

Which Content Management System Should I Choose? When it comes to making your own website, there are quite a few options to choose from, although I tend to favour wordpress sites, for a few reasons, which I will explain in a minute, for now, though… Continue reading


How To Earn Money Online

Loads and Loads of people are trawling the internet as you are reading this, trying to find that single elusive nugget that will show or teach you how to earn money online,  they will look at finding a digital product from one of the many… Continue reading

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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Boot Camp 2015

  Andrew Reynolds  Copy This Idea!  Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2015    What an eye opener! It all started on the 17 of July 2015, at 9 am sharp, doors opening at 8:00 am. I must admit, it was with excitement and anticipation that I got up… Continue reading


I MADE A SALE WITH AN ON-LINE AFFILIATE PROGRAM!   This is an amazing journey! After only six weeks I have made a sale!  Nothing earth shattering in that, but it is the first sale I did`nt have to knock  a door to get!   … Continue reading

Best Way To Make Extra Money At Home

An Anniversary!  Yes, it is the anniversary month of a one year career within the affiliate marketing industry.  It is a fantastic industry to be involved in, through the  internet, we are all able to take part in the evolution of peoples shopping habits.  … Continue reading

affiliate marketer

I Was Out In The Cold

Well, those of you who follow me on various social media platforms, will already know that I was out in the cold as far as Wealthy Affiliate went, (a program I still endorse!). Disaster struck!! To be fair, Kyle and Carson were very good about… Continue reading

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